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'Page writings' as a heading is intended to include all those writings that are not visual poems or essays. Thirteen Ways of Talking About Performance Writing is something of a hybrid, relating both to page writings and, as a 'lecture', to articles. Interscriptions is a different kind of hybrid, alternating quatrains with layered image-texts.

Publications from 1999 to the present are shown below, starting with the most recent.Titles of solo publications are in the bibliography.



All the poems share a sense that poetry, among its other qualities, is also a mode - or a set of modes - of thinking: the saying of the world cntinues to matter.


"The writing is like a keep, a strong defence, or castle core. It holds." (Peter Hughes in Tears in the Fence.)

Shearsman Books


... a keepsake: a metonymic souvenir for a missing whole, that can itself be something of a whole. But what can this whole be? An assemblage of syllables missing both the full silence of not writing and the fullness of a copious speech that always expects a reply? An attempted reconciliation with all those missing others whose voices and writings feed into the unquenchable source of a spectral language, always full of what it misses? A call and recall, as though this keepsake, these selected keepsakes, keep calling out and calling back, missing in the necessary non-reply all the faces that speak and spoke, the bodies with skin, exceeding language: companions, strangers?

etruscan books


a correspondence

(with Peter Hughes)

Knives Forks and Spoons Press


Thirteen Ways of Talking about Performance Writing

Published by PCAD (Plymouth College of Art and Design, Tavistock Place, Plymouth PL4 8AT).

ISBN 978-0-9557491-1-7

Text now included in On Performance Writing, with Pedagogical Sketches


The Week's Bad Groan

A poem sequence from the early 1970s, revived for this publication out of a conversation with The Sardine Tree by Peter Hughes.

Oystercatcher Press

a fragment from

The Week's Bad Groan

the beautiful lovers left in the mire

of recent distress without their
favourite painter, teaching the young

who offer some corporate resistance & what
is famous about the beautiful lovers is

a certain fragility


Couldn't You?

Poems for the page (1999 - 2007)

Shearsman for details.

Versions of poems that are included in the book can be found at the Great Works and Jacket websites.


Apricot Pages: a brief textual adventure

Prose fiction

Reality Street for details.

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Else Here: Selected Poems

(1968 - 1999)

Etruscan Books for details.

A poem from else here