John Hall: biographical note

Photo: John Fuller-Sessions

Poet, teacher, essayist ...

Born in the country now called Zambia in 1945, I moved to England in 1958, where I have lived ever since, mostly in Devon.

First poems to meet the attention of other writers appeared in The English Intelligencer in 1966. First collection, Between the Cities, was published by Grosseteste in 1968. A number of other collections appeared between then and 1981.

A period of 'not writing', discussed in a 1992 article, 'Writing and Not Writing', followed. During this time, particularly from the mid 1990, the 'writing' took the form of visual poems. The last section of Else Here: Selected Poems in 1999 marked a return to page-based poems as a parallel writing activity.

Most of my paid working life has been spent at Dartington College of Arts, now merged into University College Falmouth. In 2002 I took early retirement and have been working part-time ever since, mostly trying to support the kind of postgraduate activity that aims to combine arts values with those of the academic world.

Since about 1996 I have given a number of talks and published about thirty articles, exploring literary aspects of poetics, reading, performance writing and the work of specific contemporary poets. There are also articles that may be of interest to those involved in designing teaching or research programmes in the practical arts, very much including writing.